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Social responsibility

Doğanlar Furniture Group brands continue to contribute to the social development of Turkey with the projects they carry out.

Paw Guarantee
DOĞTAŞ, one of our brands, continues its animal-friendly approach, which it started with the "Guest Paw" project, by implementing the "Paw Insurance" project.
Cebimden Kocam Düştü (I Dropped my Husband)
Supported by Kelebek , TEKSEM actors stage the play titled ‘I Dropped My Husband’ in order to draw attention to violence against women and to change the image of the disabled in a positive direction.
Paper Waste Recycling Project
Paper used in the offices of Doğtaş Kelebek was collected in special waste containers and sent to the TEMA Foundation for recycling. Waste containers with special warning messages to be distributed to primary schools were prepared to create environmental awareness in children.
Canakkale 1915 Mobile Museum
e undertook an important social responsibility campaign with the knowledge t  hat Doğtaş is one of the respected brands which took root in Çanakkale.
Doğtaş Theatre
ith Doğtaş Theater established in Biga in 2001, Doğtaş has contributed to the training of actors in the region and helped stage many successful plays.
Support for Young Entrepreneurs...
The furniture sponsor of Turkey's value-generating game show ‘Bir Fikrin mi Var (You have an idea?)’ now on TRT News teeming with crazy ideas where entrepreneurs and inventors come to the stage to realize their dreams, Kelebek continues to support young entrepreneurs.
The first and only eco-friendly furniture brand around the world
A leader in the industry with its original designs and quality as well as its sustainable approach to life and work, Doğtaş has taken another new step. Having signed the UN Global Compact on January 6, 2011, Doğtaş, became a voluntary party to this globally endorsed agreement.
Protecting Stray Animals
Beyond being a furniture manufacturer and seller, we are a brand sensitive to societal issues and thus continue to take exemplary steps. To embrace stray animals and support their protection, we started the Guest Paw movement to promote the ownership of stray animals by our stores. We placed ‘Guest Paw’ houses in our stores.