HR Practices


Our most important recruitment criteria in our company are the required educational background, technical knowledge and skills, experience and competencies. We keep our “Values” which guide us in all our tasks and relationships at the center of the recruitment process; and prefer applicants who share our values and can adapt to our culture. For our newly graduated or experienced applicants, various evaluation tools are used in the recruitment process.

Among the evaluation tools we use frequently are: Qualification inventories, personality inventories, verbal and numerical skill tests and an English language test.

The applicants deemed suitable at the end of the evaluation process can be offered a job or be notified that their information will be registered for future evaluation. To apply, you can follow our announcements at www.kariyer.net.

Training and Development

Taking into account Doğanlar Furniture Group’s strategies, goals and priorities and the state of the sector, training need analyses are made and employees are accordingly provided with training / development opportunities to support their personal / professional development.

Newly recruited employees get acquainted with the company culture as part of their orientation training, and their development is supported through internal and external trainings in line with functional needs. The effectiveness of the process is measured through satisfaction surveys, actions are taken constantly to improve the process and roadmaps are developed by taking all functions into account.

Performance Management System

The performance management system is based on the goals set for the company the brand and the functions; and covers planning, reviewing, evaluation and feedback in line with the timetables defined throughout the year. The performance management system is implemented in line with Doğanlar Furniture Group's strategies, goals and priorities.

At our company, we carefully evaluate our employees’ suggestions with the suggestion system and implement the applicable suggestions to improve our processes. With our suggestion system called Super Idea, our employees earn points for the ideas they suggest as a team and they are rewarded in the evaluation process. We carry out activities for the common interests of our employees, and we aim to add value to our environment while establishing friendships at work with our corporate social responsibility events.