Doğtaş, which was established in 1972 as an 80 m2 workshop in the Biga district of Çanakkale under the name Doğan Furniture, is a well-established brand that has continued its growth and development ever since.

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Founded by Ali Doğan as a small furniture workshop, the company was managed by his six sons and went on to become a brand and spread around the world. Establishing and growing Doğtaş A.Ş. after Doğan Furniture in Biga, six brothers took an important step towards institutionalization. Ever since, the company has kept its brand investments with its growth and institutionalization efforts. 

Doğtaş, which has become widespread in many distinguished points of the world with its strong business partners, today; It is one of the most important players in the furniture industry with its more than 200 concept stores in Turkey and abroad.

Doğtaş understands the wishes and needs of people getting married, renovating or in need of small decoration help; and helps them create their living space. From living rooms to bedrooms, children’s and teens’ rooms to dining rooms, Doğtaş’ wide range of products stands out. Doğtaş, which not only meets people’s furniture needs but also shares their lives and lives with them, promises to bring style and harmony to living spaces with its designs.

From material to fabric, color to design, Doğtaş products give people the freedom to have the combination they want in their living spaces. The designs masterfully reflect years of experience and expertise. Customers are free to choose from 300 types of fabric and 35 types of wood color.

Doğtaş draws attention with the innovations it has made so far, its pioneering works, the steps it has taken for the unity and solidarity of the industry, and the value it attaches to design and designers in particular.


Doğtaş not only produces and sells furniture but also aims to be a brand that adds style and harmony to living spaces, facilitates the lives of its customers with appropriate solution proposals, and consults with its architectural support.

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