Doğanlar Furniture Improvements

Doğanlar Furniture Improvements

2022 Improvements

Doğanlar Furniture Group established Kelebek Britain, followed by Doğtaş affiliates in Northern Cyprus, Senegal, and the USA.

Doğanlar Furniture Group established Doğtaş Northern Cyprus in June 2021, and Doğtaş Senegal, and Doğtaş USA in July 2021 to further consolidate its business presence in international markets. In May 2022, the Group completed the incorporation process of Kelebek Britain.

Signatory of the UN Global Compact

Doğanlar Furniture Group signed the UN Global Compact, undertaking to align with the Ten Principles set out by the UN on human rights, environment, labour standards, and anti-corruption.

657 Sales Points

Doğanlar Furniture Group continues growing in domestic and international markets. With the new sales points launched both at home and abroad, the Group reaches a total of 657 sales points by the end of 2022.

Amazon cooperation

To increase and consolidate its sales channel mix, Doğanlar Furniture Group’s Doğtaş signed a cooperation agreement with Amazon. This cooperation has added a new sales channel for the Group’s branded products within the USA. In May, Doğanlar Furniture Group’s affiliate in the USA opened its first flagship store and earned its “Social Compliance Audit Certificate” followed by the assessment conducted by

One of the Top 100 Female-Friendly Companies

Doğanlar Furniture Group brands are among the top 100 “Female-Friendly” businesses identified by the Female-Friendly Companies research of Capital Magazine.

BIST Participation Index

As per the Article 8.3 of the BIST Market Cap Weighted Stock Indices Ground Rules, Doğanlar Furniture Group has been included to the BIST Participation All Shares Index and BIST Participation 100 Index.

Signatory of the UN Women agreement

Doğanlar Furniture Group signed the “UN Women” (United Nations Entity Dedicated to Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women) agreement. By signing this agreement, the Group announced its promise to promote economic empowerment of women across all industries and all levels.

Doğanlar Furniture Group attended the 2023 Istanbul Furniture Fair

Doğanlar Furniture Group attended the İstanbul Furniture Fair, which took place from 24 to 29 January 2023, with its Doğtaş, Kelebek, Lova Sleep, and Ruum Store brands. The Group displayed its products and introduced world-wide trends of 2023 to the fair’s global visitors.

Lova Sleep Comfort and Innovation Centre is opened

Lova Sleep Comfort and Innovation Centre, established with the contributions of the Turkish Physiotherapy Association and scientists and R&D engineers from Hacettepe University, is opened at METU-ASO Technopark in Ankara.

Doğanlar Furniture Group named as the “Happiest Place to Work in Turkey”

Research, conducted by the independent research and consulting company “Happy Place to Work” established by academics and consultants, showed that Doğanlar Furniture Group is the “Happiest Place to Work” in Turkey. Within the scope of this research, included the happiest 100 companies across 100 industries, human resources departments of the candidate companies were reviewed and assessed by a board of independent scientists. A “wellbeing survey” of 14 questions was conducted among company employees to perform this research.