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This journey, which started with our father’s signature and continued for 87 years, has been bringing together the power, durability and sense of trust of Kelebek Furniture with customers for years.

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Kelebek Furniture is one of the most well-established industrial establishments of the Republic era. It was founded in 1935 with the decision of the Great Leader Atatürk himself and started its activities with the production of plywood wings for planes in the Haliç. Founded as a cooperative in order to make plywood and airplane wings, our long-established company was named after butterfly wings. It can be seen in the archives that the products we obtain from our country are no different from European products, and that our own plywood boards are offered to our customers at a much more reasonable price than the market price. 

Having opened its furniture factory in 1978 in Düzce, the first panel and kitchen factory in Turkey, Kelebek Furniture stepped into the retail sector in Turkey in 1979 and overseas in 1991 with its store in Dortmunt.

A representative of firsts in its sector, Kelebek Furniture brought lamination technology, an innovative system for the furniture industry, to Turkey in 1983. In 1984, it aired its TV advertisement and its colorful advertisement campaign. In 1985, it received its first environmental award, the ISO Environment Award. It is also the first furniture company to be certified by TSE and TISEK (1987) and to go public by being listed in the stock market (1990). Our brand continues its success in design, export, employment, quality and service; and has been deemed worthy of many valuable awards.


Continuing its fast-paced growth since 1987, Kelebek Furniture has always determined its target markets in line with its growth plans and prepared its development roadmap accordingly. Our organization, which continues its production in an area of 159,500 m2, 55,000 m2 of which is closed, in Düzce with the goal to become a massive and global brand, currently presents its products to consumers at over 250 stores in the country, and exports standard and special Kelebek products to approximately 21 countries. It also operates in the international market with its domestic and overseas concept stores.

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